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"TITLI" means "Prajapati"- "The Brahma"- the creator or the protector of all living creatures. TITLI means butterfly that carries pollen from flower to another and become one of the main creator of fruits for the mankind. TITLI as an organization wants to create a healthy- values- oriented generation of Children as a fruit to the mankind and project the fruit from every evil.


The child is in the Centre of TITLI's activity and its aim is to create a society where every child has the right to live freely in a caring & protective environment.


TITLI was an infant girl of 3 months who had to leave this beautiful world because of inadequate health care services for new born babies in the District Hospital of Birbhum in the year 2004. The death and the context of lack of adequate services for infant children triggered a movement by few concern citizen of Suri to initiate a social development organization by the name of the deceased child "TITLI" so that the death of a budding live does not become isolated incident of infant mortality but remained a source of continued commitment and vision to change the world for all future TITLI's of Suri, Birbhum and W.B.

Every year

During the Durga Devi celebrations, the volunteers of Birbhum Titli take the under privileged, sex workers children to Pandals of Devi Durga.